Apr 17


What a SUPER cool day I have had here (in Australia). This morning I launched my very first e-book: The Transformation Treasure Trove: 40 Nuggets of Change Management and Communication Gold. And I was really nervous…what if nobody notices? what if nobody buys it? what if nobody likes it…

But they did. And they did. And they do!

I launched it with the specific pricing of a cup of coffee for the first 100 downloads — because so many times people say “Can I take you for a coffee and chat about this change issue”.  And I don’t always have the time to do this…but by buying the e-book it’s kinda like picking my brains for the cost of a cup of coffee (and for you overseas, without the airfare).

It’s doing really well and a number of the IABC community have provided the most wonderful feedback. Thank you so much.

When it hits 100 downloads, it will become the cost of a glass of wine. Still a bargain.

To see what people have said about it and or get your copy now head to this link…

If you already have a copy and want to leave your feedback or questions please do, love to hear them!

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